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Rare Voices Report Webinar

At the start of 2023, Fanconi Hope and our partners in the Together for Healthy Marrow Alliance concluded our National Community Survey into the experiences of those with rare conditions affecting the bone marrow. This presentation shares some of the main findings from the Rare Voices report. You can watch Maria Piggin of the PNH

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Emotional Wellbeing Support

As part of the ‘Better Together for Healthy Bone Marrow’ collaboration between the six charities listed below, the Psychology Team can offer specialist emotional wellbeing support to members of the Better Together communities facing emotional challenges relating to their or their loved one’s medical condition.  This support is delivered by Lesley (clinical psychologist) and Amy (psychotherapist), who both specialise in supporting

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Benefits Advice and Support

With thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund, who have funded our Better Together for Healthy Marrow Alliance Project, we are pleased to be able to bring you access to a benefits advice and support service, to help you understand and navigate the benefit system, in relation to your medical condition. Watch the recent 2024

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Fanconi Hope Oral Microbiome Pilot Study

We are delighted to announce that we will shortly be embarking on a pilot research programme to characterise the oral microbiome in people with Fanconi Anaemia. The oral microbiome is a complex community of bacteria and other micro-organisms living in your mouth, playing a crucial role in digestion and protecting against disease. There is increasing

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Introducing Better Together For Healthy Bone Marrow!

We are delighted to announce that our Together for Healthy Marrow alliance of seven charities has secured support from The National Lottery Community Fund to build an ambitious three year project. This project is called Better Together for Healthy Bone Marrow. It will support our communities and strengthen our organisations. Over the next three years,

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