Fanconi Hope Oral Microbiome Pilot Study

We are delighted to announce that we will shortly be embarking on a pilot research programme to characterise the oral microbiome in people with Fanconi Anaemia.

The oral microbiome is a complex community of bacteria and other micro-organisms living in your mouth, playing a crucial role in digestion and protecting against disease. There is increasing evidence that there may be a link between the oral microbiome and the mouth cancers that are so prevalent in our community. As a first step, in this pilot programme we will be inviting a number of our FA patient community to contribute to this research. State of the art techniques will be used to analyse and characterise the samples. 

A larger follow-on study is envisaged which would use this data to help us understand the role the oral microbiome may have in causing both mouth cancer and other types of cancer and whether the bacteria in the microbiome could help us find cancer early. Research also suggests that by changing these mouth bacteria, we might be able to prevent these cancers, make cancer treatments work better, or reduce the side effects of cancer treatments.

Approval for the research programme, for which we have assembled an outstanding team of experts, is still underway, a necessary but lengthy aspect of any medical research programme, but we will provide more details when this is obtained.

We are indebted to Tom Bennett and Beatrice Gatti Bennett for covering the costs of this exciting pilot programme  through their Aurelia Bennett fund.

Oral Microbiome

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