Introducing Better Together For Healthy Bone Marrow!

We are delighted to announce that our Together for Healthy Marrow alliance of seven charities has secured support from The National Lottery Community Fund to build an ambitious three year project.

This project is called Better Together for Healthy Bone Marrow. It will support our communities and strengthen our organisations.

Over the next three years, our organisations will work together to deliver improved support for our communities – people affected by a range of related rare bone marrow failures that are not caused by cancer.

The seven small but mighty organisations in this partnership are:

What will this project achieve?

Because of Better Together for Healthy Bone Marrow, people affected by these rare bone marrow failures will be better informed, less isolated and more connected, and more resilient.

This is a three-year project with a long-term impact. Each of our charities will become stronger and more resilient, better placed to work with and for their communities into the future.

Stevie Tyler, CEO of The Aplastic Anaemia Trust, said:

“I am so thrilled that we’ve been successful in securing partnership funding from the National Lottery Community Fund. Our alliance brings together seven incredible charities, with huge amounts of expertise and knowledge about living with a rare disease. This three year project will transform the experiences of people in our community, their access to mental health support and top quality information and support.”

Bob Dalgleish, Chair of Fanconi Hope, said:

“When we helped form the Together for Healthy Marrow Alliance of charities supporting people with rare bone marrow failure conditions in 2019, it was with the intention of delivering common solutions to shared problems. It is this close-knit collaboration that has now won us this very substantial grant from the National Lottery Community Fund’s Partnership Programme. Not only will this project help improve the lives of those living with Fanconi Anaemia and those close to them, it will also help secure and develop the future of Fanconi Hope as an effective support organisation. We look forwards to working closely with our Alliance partners and our Fanconi Anaemia community over the next 3 years.”   

What does this mean for people affected by Fanconi Anaemia?

This project will respond to the challenges faced by people with rare bone marrow conditions by:

  • Delivering mental health and wellbeing support to people in our community –working safely and effectively within a Clinical Governance and Excellence Framework
  • Bringing people together through events and people-led projects
  • Providing better information, advice and support

This means people affected by Fanconi Anaemia can look forward to new ways to be involved with Fanconi Hope and to receiving new and improved support services and information from us too.

How can I get involved?

Watch this space! The project will provide brand new opportunities for you to engage with us, and with the other Alliance charities. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage or follow our Facebook page to hear about these opportunities.

Join the team

To deliver this project, The Aplastic Anaemia Trust (who are the project grant holder) are recruiting a Project Manager and Project Officer. These exciting roles will work in partnership with all Alliance charities to deliver on the aims of the programme.  You can read more and apply for these roles here.

With thanks to…

This project is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund – thanks to players of The National Lottery.

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